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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to set-up?
  • About two days to install the hardware. It takes a couple of days to install and test the controllers and software. 

  • To program each song, it took between 20 hours (when I first started years ago) to 75 minutes (today) per MINUTE of each song!  Lots of software development done by others has made it possible to bring this capability to you.

How did you select the songs?
  • Suggestions from family members and others. Sometimes I, myself, will like a song so I'll program it!

How much is the electric bill?
  • Not as bad as you might think.  The lights flicker on and off and they are all LED's.

Why these charities?
  • Wounded Warrior Project: we wanted to help our national heroes that fought for our country.  They deserve all the help we can give them.  

  • Cancer Services of NM: we wanted to give back to the local community with a charity started by folks just up the block. Cancer Services of NM impacts a lot of families right here in the Albuquerque community.

How much of the donations goes to the charities?
  • ​All of the money raised goes directly to the two charities. 

  • We do not take out any donations to pay for the electric bill, web services or hardware/software that are used to display the light show.

Are my donations secure?

  • We do our best to make sure that all donations are as secure as possible. This year, we made sure to set up multiple ways for you all to donate. Donations can now be collected electronically through Venmo or directly through the charities' websites in order to reduce the amount of cash on site.

  • For those who choose to continue contribute through cash donations, we have made sure that all cash donations are collected in a locked box during the show. All donations are collected every night at the end of the show.

How can I donate? 

  • We have set up three ways for you to donate this year: 

    •  Venmo: this an account that you can donate to directly from your phone. Donate to account, Venmo @GCLightShow (last four digits of phone number-6451).

    • You may place your cash or check donations in the "donation box" in front of the house. Please make all checks out directly to the charity you choose to donate to. 

    • You may donate directly to the charities' websites by visiting: and/or

Why is the music out of sync with the lights?
  • Some car radios will buffer the music before they play.  When that happens, the music will be out of sync.

How long have you been doing this?
  • Over 15 years.

How can I request a song for next year?
  • Go to the "Contact" section of the web page and make a request.  "I'll think about it!"

What do your neighbors think?
  • Well... good question! All the neighbors I've spoken to have been very supportive. However, the behavior of our guests is so important to enable us to put this show on.  Please be respectful of our wonderful neighbors.  Stay off their property, don't block their driveways, and please don't leave any trash.

How much did it cost?
  • I don't really know. Lots of the trees and structures I made using PVC pipe and plastic cups! The lights I have accumulated over the years, so it is hard to give even a rough estimate. 

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